The Order of Secular Franciscans is a branch of the worldwide Franciscan Family. We work, worship and serve our families, friends, and those in need in the community where we live.

 The OFS is a secular movement, established by St. Francis of Assisi more than 800 years ago. We are often referred to as Third Order Franciscans. The First Order consists of Friar Priests , The Second Order is for consecrated women Sisters who follow the rule of St. Clare of Assisi, and the Third Order is for those lay people who are single or married, but who wish to follow in the footsteps of St. Francis as their way to grow in the spiritual life. We look for practical ways to embrace the gospel ever more deeply in our lives, and try to help others to do likewise. 

We invite you to enhance your spiritual life, serve through apostolic ministries, continue your education both in our faith and the Franciscan Movement!

Why not prayerfully consider: Could God be calling you to a vocation as a Secular Franciscan?